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Let’s Talk People - Trailer

Welcome to Let's Talk People. I'm Emily Frieze-Kemeny, and I will be your host. Let's Talk People is about how we create a new future of how we work and really how we live, how we lead people and businesses and organizations so that it all works better as a system. It works in a way that brings us more joy, more results.

It's more connection, all the things that we truly desire because there's a better way. We've known it for a while and now we can't ignore it any longer, but it's going to take dialogue. It's going to take us thinking together. It's going to take talking through our toughest human challenges at work. And that's exactly what we're going to do together after spending my entire career as a talent leader, developing leaders, working with senior executives and their teams across organizations that included Morgan Stanley, IBM, Avon, and Scholastic, and now having a firm where we work across All types of organizations and industries, helping leaders to lead and teams to thrive.

We wanted to bring the conversation to all of us. So, here's where you come to get real about work. Nothing is off the table. We want to and will address the toughest and most difficult to talk about conversations around work. We'll answer your questions. You can bring us your challenges to be addressed.

I'll bring on the people who are inspiring me and challenging my thinking, role models, experts, and we'll have this dialogue together because it's going to take all of us to create the future of work that we've all really been longing for.

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