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Welcome to Let’s Talk, People! I’m your host, Emily Frieze-Kemeny. After spending two decades in-house as a Talent leader helping executives navigate their toughest leadership, people management, and business challenges at companies that include Morgan Stanley, IBM, Avon, and Scholastic, I launched AROSE Group, a leadership and culture firm. AROSE Group exists to help even more organizations bridge humanity and profitability for a new era of work, The Human Era.

Let’s Talk, People is our way of sharing what we are learning and teaching with the world. It is a podcast, and even more so, it is a movement. We are a rapidly growing community of leaders, change makers, and great colleagues who want to build a better future of work, and for that matter, life, TOGETHER.

On the show, my guests, the people who are expanding my thinking, and I share stories and practical actions for our toughest work situations. Nothing is off the table. So, buckle up. It’s about to get real.

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