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Welcome to Let's Talk, People! – more than a podcast; a movement. This is where leaders and change-makers gather to co-create a new way to lead that bridges humanity and profitability. Your host Emily Frieze-Kemeny is a renowned leadership amplifier. Informed by her deep body of work as founder and CEO of the leadership and organizational change firm AROSE Group, and her head of talent and leadership development roles at Morgan Stanley, IBM, Avon, and Scholastic, she is here to amplify leaders so they can exalt everyone and everything they touch.


Through interviews, roundtables, and leadership talks, Emily and her guests unpack the hardest-to-navigate dynamics at work – how to lead with accountability and compassion, productivity and flexibility, vulnerability and boundaries, stability and change, and so much more – all with a rawness and pragmatism that will inspire and activate your next level of impact.


Be forewarned… it's about to get real. Let’s talk, people.

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