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Emily has always had an eye for great talent, and she is a connector. When you work with AROSE, you will have a Guide, who is responsible for creating your pathway and guiding you step by step to achieve your goals. When additional expertise is needed, your Guide will tap into Emily’s personally curated, multi-disciplinary team of talent, leadership, and organizational development experts, change makers, researchers, healers, designers, and coaches. We have your team of support ready to activate you!

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Emily Frieze-Kemeny
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Leadership & Organizational Development Consultant

Talent Strategist | Human Potential Guide

Healer | Entrepreneur

Arose Group - Emily Frieze-Kemeny

After spending two decades working within organizations leading the full spectrum of talent strategies, Emily finally listened to her calling and started AROSE in 2021 to help individuals and organizations heal, transform, and activate meaningful change. 


Throughout Emily’s career, she has worked with leaders in the C-suite – and those aspiring to be – across industries including technology, beauty, finance, publishing, home services, wellness, and non-profit. She has worked with a range of organizations, from well-established industry leaders with tens of thousands of employees to start-ups that are within their first year of formation.


Emily wears many hats: facilitator, problem solver, solution provider, and thought partner to leaders who are transforming their organizations. She is also a healer and guide to individuals who want more from their lives. She practices transcendental meditation, is a certified energy healer (reiki), a vinyasa yoga teacher, and is trained in a form of peer-based counseling. Most importantly, Emily is a mom, a wife, a leader, and a great friend. She has a big heart, endless energy, and a passion for making the impossible possible.


When Emily is not working, she is playing with her kids, spending time with friends and family, practicing yoga, meditating, skiing, learning tennis, consuming everything she can about healing and enlightenment, and traveling the world (well, pre-pandemic). 

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