Which Healing Stone Speaks To You?


Crystals call to us. We are often our best healers, and we all need a little pick-me-up at times.

Read about the crystal you landed on below.

Healing stones are the perfect little friend by our side.




Feeling like you need a little extra calm, support, and protection? Look no further. You want Amethyst by your side!  Amethyst has healing properties that protect you from negative energy, relieve stress, improve your mood, help you overcome negative and addictive patterns, and activate your intuition. If that is not enough, it also strengthens your immune system, reduces pain, and eases headaches and tension. Are you ready to feel more like your true self?



Feeling like you could use a little extra luck and good vibes? Citrine has got your number. Citrine will help you awaken your imagination and creative powers. It will help you start, refresh and create new opportunities, and bring your dreams to life. Ready to start manifesting your dreams? Looking for a fresh start? To hit the refresh button on life?



Feeling like you could use some clarity and magic in your life? If Labradorite is calling for you, you might be ready to see what is really going on in your life and in your relationships and to invite some magic into your life. As reflected by its beautiful colors, this crystal is for unlocking your deep knowing of what is real. Are you ready to transcend and connect to a greater sense of connection and knowing the spiritual realms? Are you ready for your life to get better and better? Is it time to look at what is no longer serving you?



Feeling like you could use a little extra support in love? Rose quartz is here for you. It is a beautiful, loving stone. It loves you from the inside out. It helps clear out what is blocking you from more self-love, helps bring more compassion and forgiveness to our relationships, and it helps heal a broken heart. Are you ready to receive more and more love?



Feeling ready to activate change around you or in your life? Tiger’s Eye will both protect you as you go for what you want and it will help bring you vitality and abundance, including in the form of wealth. It will help you overcome the energetic or emotional blocks that are holding you back from going after what you want. Ready to step into your power and go after your calling?